Before being diagnosed with chemo, I had a lot on my plate. Here’s some of the topics you may find me posting about on the blog:


My family owns a restaurant supply business in Port Chester, NY. I ran the warehouse, office, and showroom. I also did a little bit of sales. If you see any weird metaphors or restaurant references…it’s from this experience.

More Work

I also worked as a freelance photographer. Mostly I did it for fun, but I was helping a good friend with a few of his commercial projects, and he’s used my images in a bunch of his marketing campaigns. If you want to see some of my for-fun images, you can check out my flickr:


I’m an avid video gamer, and I was mainly playing two games – League of Legends and Diablo 3. These will not likely make the blog, but it might explain random gamer references I might make.

Play Harder

I’ve mentioned this before, but just to spell it out, I’d been training for the NYC Olympic distance triathlon since January of 2012. My anemia got particularly bad the week of my first trainer triathlon, and I wasn’t actually able to complete it. As I get into remission and go home, triathlon related training, gym training, nutrition, diet, and all those things will probably pop in here and there.

No Really, Play Harder

Since April 2011, I’ve been working with a trainer in New Rochelle, Rui Mateus. With his help, a lot of will power, and a whole truck load of diligence, I went from 230lbs, 29% body fat, and super unhappy, to a svelte 175lbs, 10% body fat, and happy as a clam. I can’t thank him enough, and if anyone lives in Westchester, NY, message me and I’d be happy to give you his contact info. Additionally, it means that, on top of my own research, I’m very knowledgeable of general weight lifting, weight loss, diet and nutrition. These topics will probably be around from time to time as well.

I’m Serious…Play Harder

A huge part of my winters revolve around snowboarding. I’ve been riding for 4 winters, and this past winter I was able to hit a major milestone; I went back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I basically did the entire inbounds terrain. Considering my first trip there left me paralyzed with fear more often than not, I was extremely proud of myself.


If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about leukemia, cancer, chemo, or anything else, feel free to comment or message me and ask. The goal of this blog is to first and foremost entertain, but a close second, inform and comfort. If I need to suffer, I figure, hopefully someone somewhere can find solace or comfort in my suffering.


  1. Patrick Sullivan · · Reply

    You’re so awesome man. I saw the League post on reddit, you’ve got a good friend as well. Good luck man, I’ll help you out with your elo if you want ^.^

    1. Hey man, thanks for the kind words. Though, I’m unaware of a league post on Reddit about me? Care to share the link?


    2. Thanks man. Right now, I wouldn’t subject anyone to my LOL playing. My nurses have to come in and stop me from playing constantly, so I generally just ARAM if I feel up to gaming. Add me in game though, NoWoNCares, and I’d love to play with ya.

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  3. My friend was just diagnosed with acute leukemia at 25 weeks pregnant and 27 almost 28 weeks old. She’s just starting chemo today. I would love to know how you got diagnosed, how you are now and where your doctors think you’ll be in the future?

    1. Hi there! I wrote about how I got diagnosed, but I’m doing really well now. I’ve had no events since my transplant, and my 2 year anniversary is coming up. My doctors are optimistic about my future, and I am too. I’ll write a new post soon explaining some things. Keep an eye out for it, and hopefully it’ll help. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

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