Monthly Archives: June 2012

What to Expect When You’re Ex….Diagnosed

When I got diagnosed, my mind blanked. I went to my Happy Gilmore Happy Place for a little while. Only not the actual happy place – the distorted Shooter McGavin version. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what came next, no idea of survival rates, nothing. So this post, my idea is […]

Why Me?

I supposed that when you’re diagnosed with cancer, no matter who you are, the question you inevitably ask yourself is “why me?” It’s a funny thing to ask, when you think about it. I mean…depending on how you think the world or universe works…why does anything really happen? If you subscribe to the theory that […]

Hurry Up and Wait

The funny thing about being diagnosed with cancer is that you don’t know the worst part, by far, is the waiting. It seems silly to say that, considering in leukemia’s case, it’s basically your body actively failing to operate correctly. But it’s absolutely true. I was diagnosed with leukemia by my doctor at 5:03, on […]

The Phone Call

The phone rings. I don’t recognize the number, but the area code is right. I answer. “Hello?” “Hi Mr. L****…it’s Doctor W***. I just wanted to tell you…I took a look, and it’s definitely Leukemia.” “…..” “I went ahead and called a doctor in the city, her name is Gail Roboz. I want you to […]