Who is your Daddy, and What does he do?

In other words, who is coming to visit this site, and how are you finding me?

First, I know that the bulk of you visitors are from the United States, and most of you know me either directly, or a step or two removed indirectly. Of the 8,300 visitors I’ve gotten since starting the blog, 7,800 of you have been Americans. So, roughly 94% Americans. However, of the remaining 6%, we have some interesting viewers. Here’s a screen cap of my country stat screen from a few weeks ago, when I had originally planned on writing this article:

So I’ve gotten another 1,000 or so views since then, but you can see, I have some crazy viewership in some random ass places. The countries with just 1 view each I guess found me by accident, but I do think its pretty cool that they viewed me as much as they did. I do know my Canadian reader (one of them anyways), as well as at least one of the UK viewers, but the Netherlands seems to visit fairly frequently, and for a while, I had a visitor who would stop by almost daily. I do wish that I had some way of directing these people to find what they want.

Speaking of directing people, there have been some sad, some funny, and some down right odd ways that people have found me via search terms. Take a gander:

Some of the funnier ones are “are you poking my funny bone”, “having a big forhead with a mohawk” (hey!), and my personal favorite “leukemia poop”. The best part of leukemia poop is that it was used to find my website not once, but two times. Two times that was typed into google, and two times, it led the person here.

That means I must be doing something right here. Hah!

Some of the sadder terms are “what if bown [sic] marrow transplant doesn’t cure leukemia”, and “leukemia came back and I’m not doing chemo”.

Honestly, I want to know if I’m answering the questions people have when they come to the site. If you came here, and you didn’t find what you’re looking for, please drop me a comment and ask for something to be explained. I’d be happy to talk about anything that I haven’t already addressed. It’s probably something I had been meaning to post about, but never got around to. I’m not kidding when I say “ask me anything”.

I also can see where people are clicking from, so obviously, facebook is a major referrer of clickers to the site, as we can see here:

I think that this is a place that I might not be capitalizing on, so if you think of a way that I might be able to share this blog in a better manner, please feel free to drop a line in the comments. I’m always happy when people share my posts, or give out my blog address, or post it up on things and places and what have you.

Lastly, I have some plans to make some “Cancer Sucks – Effleukemia.com” t-shirts in mens and womens sizes. I’ll be putting up a document on the website that I’ll have you just fill out how many of what sizes you’d be interested in (no obligation), and then I’ll get a bunch printed up and let everyone know what they cost and what shipping costs, and all that good stuff.

Stay tuned!


  1. I can confess to being from New Zealand, sadly not even showing on your map.

    1. Hmm….that was on there one of those days…weird. I’ll look into that. If you don’t mind me asking – how did you find me?

    2. New Zealand is up there! #3 on the list, right after Canada, with 77 views 🙂

  2. At least some of our numbers are cool! I got 8000 plus but I’ve been blogging since April. My husband is a computer guy and he says some of them might be the search engines registering a presence when someone does a search or something like that. I didn’t get it. It’s nice to think of connecting with others in a broad way. I never really thought I’d get into blogging. You might like this column I ran into online. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/09/life-interrupted-medical-bills-insurance-and-uncertainty/

  3. Facebook… A post on a team in training nyc tri facebook page.

  4. Margaret · · Reply

    Western Canada.

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