Do I ever have things to be thankful for.

Well, first, Happy Turkey Day to my American readers. May it be filled turkey and potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce and all that. I’ve never been a big fan of  Thanksgiving dinner, in fact.

I’m gonna start this post by saying that every Thanksgiving, when people say “say the things you are thankful for”, I knew my first answer, every time.

I’m thankful to be alive.

Man. That is still particularly high on the list. But added to this is my fantastic nuclear family. Their dedication, sacrifice, commitment ..have all just blown me away. It’s like, you go through life knowing that if your sister got into a car crash, you just know you’re staying next to her until she’s better, right? But our brains are really good at blocking out scary things our brains of capable of. You know it, accept it, and then you move on. You hope to whatever you believe that you’re never confronted by it. But then suddenly, something happens. And you get shown just how much your whole family loves you.

And not just your immediate family. Your cousins, your cousins kids, your cousins kids kids. Everybody. And this is overwhelming.

And then your friends, people you never knew, friends of the family, friends you hadn’t talked to in forever. Everyone has just been incredible.

And for that, I am thankful.

I am thankful for my continued good luck (yes, despite the horror) in the transplant.

As a small update, I went through a bit of a rough few days. The post that I was intending to write, “Fevertown”, was about the fevers I was dealing with over the weekend. Well those fevers were just the cute little kids of the fevers that I dealt with the last few days. We’re talking 3 days, 102.9, alternating between feeling like a human furnace, or a human furnace that ALSO was so cold that he couldn’t stop full body shaking.

So! That post will follow. Hope this finds everybody eating food with loved ones 🙂


  1. We are thankful for you ROCKY looking forward to sharing the holidays to come with you.

  2. Been thinking about you dealing with everything and I’m grateful that you haven’t had your attitude and humor transplanted. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We are all lucky to have each other and so much to be thankful for. To the many years ahead…Cheers.

    1. Thanks Emily,
      I promise once I’m outta this hellish hole that I’ll be back on my feet, writing frequently again. It’s been fun (if I could use that word) learning your story as well.

      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. kathleen628 · · Reply

    I am so thankful for your strength and courage….the spontaneous cringe worthy puns are surely a temporary side effect but if you start to begin each sentence with “do you want to get me….”you might be in trouble. love you xxx

    1. We all do it already. We’re all doomed.

  4. Margaret mateyaschuk · · Reply

    Heard you were feeling better and had a good day yesterday, and for that I was most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Love you Aunt Marge

    1. Thank you Aunt Margie 🙂

  5. Elizabeth Breslin · · Reply

    We’re thankful that you are here! Best to you and your family on Thanksgiving! We had a small gathering, but a fun one. Dylan, Tyler, Michael, and me. Stuffed ourselves silly and greatly enjoyed each others company.
    Hope that the fevers stay away from your door!

    1. Glad to hear it! I told my parents to go out and have a nice dinner on the town without me, in my honor, and they refused. Go figure, haha.

  6. There was a void at Thanksgiving knowing that you were in the hospital. Looking forward to next Thanksgiving when we”ll be talking about your comeback and ensuing endurance race!

    1. Thanks Doug. Can’t wait.

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