Just Some Silly Thoughts

So I’ve been home for nearing a week now, and I’m feeling pretty good. I managed to get my favorite burger on the planet, I have plans for the best hot dogs in the city, and I’m going to see a horrible, but most likely hilarious movie tonight (Ted).

However, as I relax and kind of pretend that everything is normal, a few silly things have popped into my head that I thought I’d share.

Just Silly
I’ve had a mohawk for a few weeks now, and there are 2 funny things with regards to it.

First, the best part about having a mohawk is the fact that I don’t get bed head. Normally, I have a ton of ridiculously thick hair, that if I didn’t shower first thing in the morning, I’d look ridiculous. Now, being a side sleeper, I wake up and look exactly the same. So I shower at my leisure. It’s weird thinking I can also shower the night before and be fine. Previously if I did that, I’d wake up looking like someone used gel to execute an elaborate prank.

Second, when my friend and I were waiting for a table at Minetta the other night, a woman just came straight up to me, rubbed my hair and goes “Whats with the hair”. I went with “uhh…just kind of recovering from chemo?” Smooth. I wad told I should have gone with “because I’m awesome”. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Well That’s Odd
I have literally never given a thought about toilet seats in my life. The only thing I’ve ever really noticed about them is that the ones in the airport and in big hotels flush like they had a black hole in them.

But after staying in a hospital for so long, I came home, and after using my bathroom, had the distinct thought of being cramped on the seat. Apparently, the hospital uses very roomy seats, and my apartment is cramped.

I never imagined myself ever needing to describe a toilet seat, nor coming to call one “roomy”.

And as much as I’m happy to be out of the hospital, I have to say that I kind of miss those roomy toilet seats.

I’m odd, I know.

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