‘Twas the Night Before Chemo

Sitting here, the night before I get re-admitted, I have to admit that I can’t really decide how I feel. Certainly not like Christmas Eve.

I’ve relaxed, read books, hung out with friends, eaten good food, played games, and watched TV.

I kind of feel like I should have done…more? Maybe? But to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really feel up for doing much more than I did. Physically, I feel just off. It’s weird to go from training for a triathlon, then spend a month where the most you can do is walk around your hospital floor.


I guess I can say that I have some goals for this next treatment. There’s a picture that I want to get of blown out windows (blown out as in exposure, not as in destroyed), silhouetting me and my drug pole. Thinking of calling it “My Buddy”.

I’ll be walking around, and I’d like to finish 2 books that my friend Dennis gave me.


I just…want to be done already, haha.


I don’t have any big thoughts or lessons really. Just feeling pretty blegh about this whole cancer thing, I guess.


  1. Hi Tony. Best of luck with the chemo. They have so many drugs for the side affects. The worst I felt was two days of a bad hangover. I know what you mean by blegh, although on today’s blog post, I think I spelled it Bleh. The “g” provides a more gagging feeling though,, which is totally appropriate.

    1. Thanks Emily 🙂 Yeah, the last round wasn’t so bad. This one is a high dose of cytarabine though, so probably going to be less pleasant overall. Ah well, might as well get it done now, I’d say.

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