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The Unsung Heroes

Today is pretty much the last day of the last weekend that I’ll be “normal” for, for a long while. I go back to Presbyterian this Thursday to start the next phase of treatment. For right now, I get one round of “consolidation chemotherapy”, which might be followed by either 3 additional rounds, or by […]

Poking ‘Dem Bones

Howdy! Welcome to another installment of updates with my AML. Let’s get right to it: Today I went into Presby to get blood work done, and my “full” bone marrow biopsy. We had on the books 2 biopsies of pre-chemo marrow, 1 biopsy of empty marrow, and this would be the biopsy that shows us […]

Just Some Silly Thoughts

So I’ve been home for nearing a week now, and I’m feeling pretty good. I managed to get my favorite burger on the planet, I have plans for the best hot dogs in the city, and I’m going to see a horrible, but most likely hilarious movie tonight (Ted). However, as I relax and kind […]

Free At Last, Free At Last!

Last night I slept in a completely still bed for the first time in almost exactly a month. My whole life, I’ve dealt with a very stubborn brain. I get in bed, exhausted. Then, I sit there for a bare minimum of an hour, waiting to fall asleep. I’ve tried everything. Working out helps reduce […]

Holding Pattern

So I haven’t posted in a few days…and mainly it’s because I’m going a little stir crazy in here. Nothing major to report, really. But, I figured I’d update everyone. Projected Release Date: The beginning prediction was anywhere from Wednesday the 27th, to Wednesday July 4th. That’s still in play, but now I have 2 […]

Adventures in Bowel Movements, Part Deux

This post will be a short one. The second roommate that I had was a nice old guy who was in the hospital for a reason I was never really able to work out. He was never hooked up to an IV, he wasn’t getting chemo, and nobody ever visited him except a professional care […]

Let Them Learn….maybe?

An interesting thing happened today. First, I learned that my math skills are rusty. From the beginning, the doctors told me I’d get another bone marrow biopsy on Day 14. Sure, fine, no problem. I thought Day 14 would fall exactly 2 weeks from the start of treatment. I started treatment on Thursday, June 7th. […]

I am Legend

So a funny thing happened today, but to tell the funny story, first, we need to talk about blood. Anemia, Hemoglobin, and What Levels Mean Your blood contains 3 different parts. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. White blood cells are basically your immune system. Platelets are the things that cause blood clots […]

Rooming With Crazies

There’s an unfortunate reality of staying in the hospital, and that is that you don’t actually get to stay there alone. I’ve had four roommates so far, and let me tell you – it’s been a trip, for sure. The first thing I learned is that I am now doubly committed to visiting any relatives […]

Why Me?

I supposed that when you’re diagnosed with cancer, no matter who you are, the question you inevitably ask yourself is “why me?” It’s a funny thing to ask, when you think about it. I mean…depending on how you think the world or universe works…why does anything really happen? If you subscribe to the theory that […]